Omakase sushi

Experience Tokyo’s finest sushi right here in Adelaide.
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Pop-up omakase sushi dinner

Ibuki Sushi Omakase

Indulge in Yohei-san’s authentic Japanese omakase experience – a chef’s choice dinner that showcases his sushi mastery and culinary skills, all prepared right in front of you.

With only eight seats, Chef Yohei will personally guide you through a curated sequence of dishes, featuring the finest Australian and Japanese ingredients. See our previous menu.

Price: $260pp

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Chef Yohei
Omakase sessions start promptly. Guests are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early. Missed dishes cannot be provided to late guests. Our Omakase menu changes daily, depending on seasonal produce. We regretfully cannot accommodate food allergies or dietary restrictions without sufficient notice.  Cancellations made within 5 days of the booking date or no-shows will incur a $260 cancellation fee per person.

Chef Yohei

An Itamae (sushi master) from Tokyo, Chef Yohei is dedicated to serving authentic Japanese sushi using the finest local & Japanese ingredients.
The freshest fish

Seasonal Ingredients

Expect a different selection of sushi and accompaniments each week as Yohei-san sources what’s in season in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Guiding principle

Where possible, we buy local, use eco-friendly and compostable packaging, and try to make sustainable choices.
Private chef

Exclusive experience

Chef Yohei will prepare a customised menu tailored to your preferences. For 4 to 8 guests with a minimum spend. Contact us to find out more.

For your special occasion

Available for parties, weddings, corporate events and birthdays. Choice of rolls, sushi and sashimi in boxes and platters.